Oh hell yes!

Milette Raz and I won Cupcake Wars! Milette’s Cake’s takes home $10K!


The outpouring of support and enthusiasm from our friends and family has been truly amazing. So many amazing people cheered, screamed, cried tears of joy, tweeted, texted, called, sent smoke signals and telegrams, etc…

AND THANK YOU ALL A MILLION TIMES! I think I finally got through all of the encouraging messages last night (a full 24 hours after the show aired), but if I somehow missed thanking you in person, please accept it here.

There is a part of my interview that was edited out, and didn’t make it onto the show, so I want to say it loud and clear here.

Milette Raz is the owner of Milette’s Cakes, just in case the name didn’t give it away. Milette was not my assistant on the show. We were 50/50 partners, right down the line. If it came down to it, she would kick my ass in a cake decorating competition, and I would be happy for her victory! She taught me everything that I know about working in a bakery, but I also got an amazing friend out of the deal. If you’re lucky enough to know Milette, you have a friend for life. She might be the sweetest person ever. Nope, she is definitely the sweetest person ever, and it was a true pleasure to compete with her on Cupcake Wars. I’m glad we brought home the title for Milette’s Cakes!

In full disclosure, they also didn’t show when I nearly broke the food processor because I turned it on with part of the lid still inside of it. They also didn’t show us burning the hell out of our hands and feet while spinning sugar for our Bubbly Berries Cupcakes. I’m guessing that the subsequent cursing was just too much for television!

Due to the overwhelming response from the show, Milette’s website has been getting a whole lotta traffic, and it’s struggling to keep up. We’re working on it! For now, please go to Facebook and like Milette’s Cakes. You can also follow me on Twitter at @bethylou10.  We don’t have a retail location, but you can order online or over the phone and we’ll deliver right to you!

Custom cupcakes to your door? Sounds pretty boss to me!


7 thoughts on “WE WON CUPCAKE WARS!

  1. Congratulations Beth! Shooting your recipes has been a pleasure over the years! Keep up the great work..so glad to have stumbled across your blog!! Be working with you soon:)

  2. Hey Beth – Awesome job on Cupcake Wars – you rock! My Dad told me you were going to be on, so fortunately I was able to catch the initial airing. It sounds like things are going well for you and I wish you continued success. Next time I am down in the area, I’ll have to try to get my hands on some of your tasty creations! Take care! Karley Hinkel (Hujet)

  3. Hi Beth, can you please share the almond cupcake with creme fraiche whipped crean that you made con Cupcake wars please?! Thank you

  4. Hi Beth, you are such a great talented and skillful baker. When you won Cupcake Wars you deserved it! I have a request: Since I am making a party for 12 people, I have to make cupcakes! And they said we don’t want boring chocolate cupcakes, they said: can you add booze like bourbon? I said of course! But I don’t have a recipe with bourbon, but since the one that you made on Cupcake Wars ( Chocolate Bourbon Cupcake ) plz share it!

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