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Grocery Store Finds – Boomchicapop!

19 Jan

January 19 is National Popcorn Day, and I’m a serious fiend for some good popcorn.

Prepackaged popcorn is something that I would generally flee from for many reasons, but with a funny name and striking packaging like this, how can you not look twice?

Boomchicapop is hands down the best pre-popped, packaged popcorn I’ve ever tasted for the simple reason that it DOESN’T taste like was packaged at all. Somehow, the people at Angie’s, the company behind Boomchicapop, have figured out how to pop the kernels and keep them tasting super fresh inside those brightly colored bags. If you don’t have time or patience to pop your own corn, this is the next best thing.

With only 35 calories per cup and a short, easy-to-pronounce ingredients list, Boomchickapop fits in with my 2013 goals of eating more healthfully, and the bag is actually a pretty good read, on par with any cereal box I perused over breakfast as a kid.

Boomchicapop is also available lightly sweetened, and Angie’s sells a few other packaged flavors, too. Look for it in your local grocery store!

*I wasn’t paid for this post. I paid for the popcorn myself and told you about it because I really, really liked it. No hidden motives here!


One-Word Wednesdays – Stoup

9 Jan

One-Word Wednesdays - Stoup

Lentil Stoup

Awesome Stuff For Your Kitchen – Decorative Measuring Spoons

6 Jan

A consultant who I work regularly with gifted me these pretty measuring spoons made by Ganz . I love all of the intricacies molded into the metal and the contrast between the shiny silver and black details.

I’d be lying if the “test kitchen” in me didn’t wonder if the spoon sizes were actually accurate. For a brief moment, I considered testing them to see if the teaspoon actually held one teaspoon, or if perhaps it was “walloping.”

But then I decided to just enjoy them for what they are – something really pretty to look at. Sometimes it’s just nice to appreciate beautiful things and forget about functionality.

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