The Gluten Free Diet – Part 2

15 Jul

Time zones are stupid. Why can’t we all just live on the same clock? 

I realize that that is not a rational question, but I’m not a rational person right now. 

I’ve been awake for nearly 32  straight hours, on an overnight flight to London. I made good use of my time on the plane, writing a great motivational post centered around the first week of my new commitment to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle, only to accidentally delete the damn thing in a fatigued delirium. I’m at my wits end.

I dropped 2.5 pounds last week! 

2.5 pounds is a good amount of flour. It was very validating to weight it out and transfer it from the green jug to the red. (Read The Gluten Free Diet – Part 1 if you’re confused.)That validation carried me straight through the day, giving me enough motivation to skip all of the candies, chips, and other assorted crap for sale at the airport. Flying out of O’Hare without a calorie-heavy snack is akin to a small miracle for me. 

I stayed on track of my diet last week by constantly reminding myself of my impending travel plans. It’s tough to eat healthfully on the road, especially when a significant chunk of your time is to be spent sampling cakes and puddings. Knowing that the upcoming week would be difficult made it easier to be conscious of my decisions in the present moment. I ate tons of fresh fruits and vegetables. I went out to dinner and instead of overdoing it, I split a burger with a friend. I snuck in 4 workouts throughout the week. 

This week, I’m going to enjoy London. It’s my first time in The U.K. and I’m here with the purpose of getting to know the local cake and dessert customs. There will be lots of eating, and lots of baking. I’ll have my first marzipan-covered fruit cake, stop into Peggy Porschen’s parlor, and wander the food halls of Marks & Spencer. But I packed my running shoes. My hotel has a gym. It will all balance out if I am mindful. 

But first, a nap. 



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