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I’m Sorry

27 Aug

Yet another t-shirt I should add to my collection, because no one gets more hangry than me. It’s borderline belligerent, and apologizing afterwards is so awkward. Might as well just be upfront about it.



Awesome Stuff For Your Kitchen – Decorative Measuring Spoons

6 Jan

A consultant who I work regularly with gifted me these pretty measuring spoons made by Ganz . I love all of the intricacies molded into the metal and the contrast between the shiny silver and black details.

I’d be lying if the “test kitchen” in me didn’t wonder if the spoon sizes were actually accurate. For a brief moment, I considered testing them to see if the teaspoon actually held one teaspoon, or if perhaps it was “walloping.”

But then I decided to just enjoy them for what they are – something really pretty to look at. Sometimes it’s just nice to appreciate beautiful things and forget about functionality.

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